1999 Pacific Northwest Books

Honorable Mentions in Green
Spotted Owl Winner in Red

Author Title Publisher Residence Year
Anders, Donna Another Life Pocket Books WA 1999
Arends, Marthe The Lion’s Shadow Avid Press WA 1999
Beck, K.K. The Revenge Of Kali-Ra Mysterious Press WA 1999
Billings, Andrew Carnage Jove OR 1999
Cherry, Bob Spirit Of The Raven Picaro Press AK 1999
Chittenden, Meg Don’t Forget To Die Kensington Books WA 1999
Christofferson, April The Protocol Forge WA 1999
Clausen, Lowen First Avenue Watershed WA 1999
Cobb, James H. West on 66 St. Martin’s Press WA 1999
Cohn, R.J. Baker’s Gold Four Seasons ID 1999
Cook, Meira The Blood Girls Overlook BC 1999
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Kindred Ballentine WA 1999
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Legacy Ballantine WA 1999
Daheim, Mary Legs Benedict Avon WA 1999
Dalton, Margot Fourth Horseman Mira WA 1999
Dereske, Jo Mrs. Zukas In Death’s Shadow Avon WA 1999
Deverell, Diana Night On Fire Avon OR 1999
Dunn, Carola Styx And Stones St. Martin’s Press OR 1999
Fergusson, Bruce C. The Piper’s Sons Dutton WA 1999
Ferrigno, Robert Heartbreaker Pantheon WA 1999
Ford, G.M. Last Ditch Avon WA 1999
Freeman, Mary Devil’s Trumpet Berkley OR 1999
Freeman, Mary Deadly Nightshade Berkley OR 1999
French, Linda Steeped In Murder Avon WA 1999
Goddard, Ken First Evidence Bantam OR 1999
Greenleaf, Stephen Strawberry Sunday Scribner OR 1999
Henry, April Circles Of Confusion Harper OR 1999
Henry, Sue Murder On The Yukon Quest Avon AK 1999
Holt, A.J. Catch Me St. Martin’s Press WA 1999
Jackson, Lisa Unspoken Zebra OR 1999
Jance, J.A. Breach Of Duty Avon WA 1999
Jance, J.A. Outlaw Mountain Avon WA 1999
Jones, Stan White Sky, Black Ice Soho AK 1999
Karp, Larry The Music Box Murders Write Way WA 1999
Kingsbury, Kate Maid For Murder Berkley Prime Crime OR 1999
McCall, Wendell (R. Pearson) Concerto In Dead Flat Poisoned Pen Press ID 1999
Morgan, Mary The House At The Edge Of The Jungle St. Martin’s Press WA 1999
Newman, Sharan The Difficult Saint Forge OR 1999
Orton, Thomas The Lost Glass Plates Of Wilfred Ing Harper/Counterpoint WA 1999
Pearson, Ridley The First Victim Hyperion ID 1999
Powlik, James Sea Change Delacorte WA 1999
Reynolds, Father Brad Cruel Sanctuary Avon OR 1999
Reynolds, Father Brad Deadly Harvest Avon OR 1999
Reynolds, Marjorie The Civil Wars Of Jonah Moran Morrow WA 1999
Rucka, Greg Shooting At Midnight Bantam OR 1999
Rucka, Greg Whiteout Oni OR 1999
Rust, Megan Mallory Red Line Berkley AK 1999
St. James, Riley Deception In The Rainshadows Shadowcrest OR 1999
Scott, Trevor Extreme Faction Salvo Press OR 1999
Smith, Frank Candles For The Dead St. Martin’s Press BC 1999
Smith, Mitchell Reprisal Dutton WA 1999
Stabenow, Dana Hunter’s Moon Putnam AK 1999
Stabenow, Dana So Sure Of Death Dutton AK 1999
Thayer, James Stewart Terminal Event Simon and Schuster WA 1999
Thomas, Graham Malice On The Moors Ivy BC 1999
Thrasher, Linda L.L. Dogsbody, Inc. Write Way OR 1999
Vachss, Andrew Choice Of Evil Knopf OR 1999
Van Pelt, Nicholas (R. Hoyt) Stomp Forge OR 1999
Wilcox, Valerie Sins Of Betrayal Berkley WA 1999
Wilhelm, Kate Defense For The Devil St. Martin’s Press OR 1999
Winchester, David F. The Innocent Corpse Sterling House WA 1999
Wren, M.K. Neely Jones: The Medusa Pool St. Martin’s Press OR 1999