2000 Pacific Northwest Books

Honorable Mentions in Green
Spotted Owl Winner in Red

Author Title Publisher Residence Year
Anders, Donna Dead Silence Pocket Books WA 2000
Arends, Marthe The Lion’s Share Avid WA 2000
Barer, Burl Headlock Dealy Alibi Press WA 2000
Brooks, Larry Darkness Bound Onyx OR 2000
Brooks, Patricia But For The Grace Dell WA 2000
Cameron, Stella Glass Houses Kensington WA 2000
Chittenden, Margaret Dying To See You Kensington WA 2000
Christofferson, April Clinical trial Forge WA 2000
Cobb, James H. Sea Fighter Putnam WA 2000
Daheim, Mary Creeps Suzette Avon WA 2000
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Menace Ballantine WA 2000
David, James F. Ship Of The Dammed Forge OR 2000
Dewitz, John Wrath Shady Dell OR 2000
Dibdin, Michael Blood Rain Pantheon WA 2000
Dunn, Carola Rattle His Bones St. Martin’s Press OR 2000
Elkins, Aaron Skeleton Dance Morrow WA 2000
Ford, G.M. The Deader The Better Avon WA 2000
Freeman, Mary Bleeding Hearts Berkley Prime Crime OR 2000
Greenleaf, Stephen Ellipsis Scribner OR 2000
Henry, April Square in The Face Harper OR 2000
Henry, Sue Beneath The Ashes Morrow AK 2000
Hoyt, Richard Vivienne Forge WA 2000
Jance, J.A. Kiss Of The Bees Avon WA 2000
Jance, J.A. Devil’s Claw Morrow WA 2000
Karp, Larry Scamming The Birdman Write Way WA 2000
Malarkey, Tucker An Obvious Enchantment Random House OR 2000
Margolin, Phillip Wild Justice Harper Collins OR 2000
Martini, Steve The Attorney Putnam WA 2000
Myers, Katherine Codebreaker Salvo Press ID 2000
Nance, John J. Blackout Putnam WA 2000
Nelscott, Kris A Dangerous Road St. Martin’s Press OR 2000
Newman, Sharan To Wear The White Cloak Forge OR 2000
Parker, Nancy Double Helix Ashland Hills Press OR 2000
Patton, Jim Shake Carroll Graf OR 2000
Pearson, Ridley Middle Of Nowhere Hyperion ID 2000
Rucka, Greg Batman: No Man’s Land Pocket Books OR 2000
Rust, Megan Mallory Coffin Corner Berkley Prime Crime AK 2000
Saul, John Nightshade Ballantine OR 2000
Scott, Trevor The Dolomite Solution Salvo Press OR 2000
Simpson, Marcia Crow In Stolen Colors Signet WA 2000
Slade, Michael Burnt Bones Signet BC 2000
Smith-Levin, Judith Green Money Ballantine WA 2000
Stabenow, Dana Midnight Come Again St. Martin’s Press AK 2000
Stabenow, Dana Nothing Gold Can Stay Dutton AK 2000
Thomas, Graham Malice In London Fawcett BC 2000
Thrasher, L.L. Charlie’s Web Write Way OR 2000
Toliver, Hal and Mary Bitterroot Pentland Press WA 2000
Toliver, Hal and Mary Done In Blood-Red Ochre Pentland Press WA 2000
Turco, Ronald Walk East On Burnside Imago Books OR 2000
Vachss, Andrew Dead And Gone Knopf WA 2000
Vukcevich, Ray The Man Of Maybe Half-A-Dozen Faces St. Martin’s Press OR 2000
Wilcox, Valerie Sins Of Deception Berkley Prime Crime WA 2000
Wilhelm, Kate No Defense St. Martin’s Press OR 2000
Wilhelm, Kate The Deepest Water St. Martin’s Press OR 2000
Wilson, Barbara Case Of The Orphaned Bassonist Seal Press WA 2000