2002 Pacific Northwest Books

Honorable Mentions in Green
Spotted Owl Winner in Red

Author Title Publisher Residence Year
Anders, Donna All The Wrong Places Pocket Books WA 2002
Cameron, Stella Cold Day In July Kensington WA 2002
Chandler, J. D. Mud Bay iuniverse OR 2002
Cobb, James H. Target Lock Putnam WA 2002
Collins, Michael The Resurrectionists Scribner WA 2002
Daheim, Mary Silver Scream Morrow WA 2002
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Obituary Ballantine WA 2002
Dibdin, Michael And Then You Die Pantheon WA 2002
Donnelly, Deborah Veiled Threats Dell ID 2002
Donnelly, Deborah Died To Match Dell ID 2002
Duncan, Sharon A Deep Blue Farewell Signet WA 2002
Dunn, Carola The Case of the Murdered Muckraker St. Martin’s OR 2002
Dunn, Carola Mistletoe And Murder St. Martin’s OR 2002
Elkins, Aaron Turncoat Morrow WA 2002
Emerson, Earl Vertical Burn Ballantine WA 2002
Flowers, R. Barri The Scheme Of Things Sadorian OR 2002
Ford, G.M. Black River Morrow WA 2002
Freeman, Mary Garden View Berkley OR 2002
Gom, Leona Hating Gladys Sumach Press BC 2002
Griffith, Nicola Stay Doubleday WA 2002
Henry, April Learning to Fly St. Martin’s OR 2002
Henry, Sue Cold Company Morrow AK 2002
Hoyt, Richard Old Soldiers Sometimes Lie Forge WA 2002
Jackson, Lisa Cold Blooded Zebra OR 2002
Jance, J.A. Partner In Crime Morrow WA 2002
Kelly, Nora Hot Pursuit Poisoned Pen Press BC 2002
Kingsbury, Kate For Whom Death Tolls Berkley OR 2002
Kingsbury, Kate Dig Deep For Muder Berkley OR 2002
Krentz, Jayne Ann Smoke in Mirrors Putnam WA 2002
Lovell, Ron Murder At Yaquina Head Sunstone OR 2002
Lowell, Elizabeth Running Scared Harper WA 2002
Morgan, Mary Deeper Waters St. Martin’s WA 2002
Nance, John J. Turbulence Putnam WA 2002
Nelscott, Kris Thin Walls St. Martin’s OR 2002
Newman, Sheran Heresy Forge/Tor OR 2002
O’Brien, Kevin Make Them Cry Kensington WA 2002
O’Brien, Meg Crimson Rain Mira WA 2002
Oliver, Steve Dead Men Dark City WA 2002
Pearson, Ridley The Art Of Deception Hyperion ID 2002
Petrucci, Paul Prodigal Logic Blockbuster WA 2002
Quick, Amanda (Jayne Ann Krentz) Don’t Look Back Bantam WA 2002
Reed, John The Kingfisher’s Call Sourcebooks OR 2002
Robb, Candace A Spy for the Redeemer Mysterious Press WA 2002
Sachs, Harley Ben Zakkai’s Coffin Zumaya Publications OR 2002
Saul, John Midnight Voices Ballantine WA 2002
Siporin, Alan Fire’s Edge Wounded Bear OR 2002
Slade, Michael Death’s Door Onyx BC 2002
Sloan, Susan R. Act of God Warner WA 2002
Smith, Dean Wesley Hard Rain Pocket Books OR 2002
Stabenow, Dana Better To Rest NAL AK 2002
Stabenow, Dana A Fine And Bitter Snow St. Martin’s AK 2002
Taylor, Timothy Stanley Park Counterpoint BC 2002
Thayer, James Stewart The Gold Swan Simon and Schuster WA 2002
Thomas, Graham Malice Downstream Ballantine BC 2002
Tissot, Jan Keiki Parhelion WA 2002
Vachss, Andrew Only Child Knopf WA 2002
Wilhelm, Kate Skeletons St. Martin’s OR 2002