Friend of Mystery member Cindy Brown’s debut novel Macdeath, a madcap mystery set in the off, off, off Broadway world of theater will be released on January 20th! It’s the first in a new series of mysteries featuring Ivy Meadow, actress and PI-in-training, published by Henery Press, a small award-winning publisher that specializes in mysteries.

Bill Cameron, Spotted Owl Award-winning author of County Line says: “You might not think a book about a jinxed production of Macbeth—or “the Scottish Play,” as theatre folk call it—would serve up so many belly laughs, but Cindy Brown’s whimsical Macdeath manages to do that and so much more. Featuring the fierce and determined Ivy Meadows, a delightful misfit with a knack for getting herself into—and ultimately out of—trouble, this gripping mystery is both satisfyingly clever and rich with unerring comedic timing. Without a doubt, MacDeath is one of the most entertaining debuts I’ve read in a very long time.”

Readers can find the book online, or at fine independent bookstores like Annie Bloom’s Books and Another Read Through.