The Silent Sisters by Robert DugoniRobert Dugoni was announced as the winner of the Spotted Owl Award for books published in 2022 at the March meeting of Friends of Mystery. Dugoni received the award for The Silent Sisters. The “top ten” books chosen by the committee were:

  1. The Silent Sisters, by Robert Dugoni
  2. Something to Hide, by Elizabeth George
  3. The Lost Kings, by Tyrell Johnson
  4. Cold Snap, by Marc Cameron
  5. What She Found, by Robert Dugoni
  6. Murder at Black Oaks, by Phillip Margolin
  7. Hell and Gone, by Sam Wiebe
  8. Tom Clancy’s Red Winter, by Marc Cameron
  9. Nothing to Lose, by J.A. Jance
  10. Notes on an Execution, by Danya Kukafka

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