J.S. James, panelist at the November 2019 Bloody Thursday, announces the release of his debut mystery River Run.

Book Cover: River Run by J.S. JamesThis waterfowl season, the hunters become the hunted.

Newly promoted sheriff’s deputy Delia Chavez has worked hard to get where she is. Without any family to speak of, law enforcement is all she has. But just a few days into her new job, Delia finds the body of a hunter washed up on the bank of the Willamette River missing his trigger finger. Soon, more bodies are found–all hunters without their trigger fingers. Waterfowl season often means clashes between hunters and animal rights activists, but could someone be killing to make a statement? Petrified, but invigorated by the opportunity, Delia dives head first into the case. Soon, she catches a whiff of something foul and it’s not the dead bodies–man or bird.

What starts off looking like a simple case of a ruthless vigilante quickly devolves into something much more complex. Facing evasive killers who stop at nothing to conceal their crimes, Delia must bring the criminals to justice because everyone knows, if you’re not the predator, you’re prey.

Praise for River Run

“Evocative and cleverly-plotted, J.S. James’ River Run delivers a cast of complex characters in which even the most minor ones come fully alive…Written in confident prose, River Run is an intelligent mystery that captures Oregon’s Willamette Valley in all its glory and haunting beauty. I can’t wait for the next Delia Chavez novel.”

““[A] promising debut and series launch…The action builds to an impressively explosive climax. Mystery fans will look forward to seeing more of this worthy heroine.”

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J.S. James will appear at several events in Portland and Seattle. Check out his Events page for dates and details.