Is he losing his mind . . . or everything else?

Trying to break up an attempted assault, geeky Tom Lord is in over his head. He’s getting beaten down until he is saved by the victim’s sister, Diana Wynne. Impressed by each other’s bravery and unique skill sets, the two become an awkward couple.

Wynne is intrigued but concerned about Lord’s paranoid claims that he has ESP and a monomaniacal researcher has been pursuing him for decades. But after a brutal attempted kidnapping, she realizes that Lord’s life is as bizarre, and more dangerous, than she had ever imagined. The couple flee Portland, Oregon and travel across the country in an effort to get Lord the freedom he deserves. They assemble a team of misfits with varying abilities before facing a life-or-death challenge with international ramifications.

The Master Mind, by Mark Schorr

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The Master Mind by Mark Schorr

The Master Mind, by Mark Schorr