Off Kilter is the exciting sequel to M. Lee Musgrave’s first mystery novel, Brushed Off.

This romantic thriller packs the right amount of art, romance, and mystery that keeps its readers intrigued with every chapter it throws. From the start of the book, the author’s writing style will have readers drawn further into the storyline and drama. The author has a fantastic method that mixes creative and descriptive writing, beautifully enhancing the imagination of readers for each setting and what takes place in it. Furthermore, the way each clue was gradually given was well thought out, unlike some mystery novels that offer a “savior” in the novel that immediately solves the mystery. Instead, this allows the audience to piece together the mystery in their own time, identify the culprit, and bask in theories based on what they have read.

“Lee Musgrave’s moving new novel, Off Kilter, highlights our shortcomings in how we treat each other and subtly draws lessons from that process. His observations about human behavior are astute … he writes with a dexterous rhythm and has a natural ear for lived-in dialogue. Off Kilter develops in unexpected directions, avoiding cliches and moralizing messaging while buzzing with an undercurrent of loves burning potential to overcome all adversity.”

About the Author
As a former professor of art and curator for 30 years, Lee Musgrave organized hundreds of exhibitions at museums, galleries, and municipal venues involving artists, collectors, critics, gallerists, art professionals and a vast array of related enthusiasts. His writings related to those exhibitions contributed to their success and to his ability to relate that community to others. Lee lived in Los Angeles for over 40 years, including in Malibu Canyon and Santa Monica. Those many experiences and his ongoing personal art activities inform his creative writing about today’s exciting and engaging contemporary art community.

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Off Kilter by M. Lee Musgrave