2011 Spotted Owl Awards

Dana Haynes

Dana Haynes has been named the winner of 2011 Spotted Owl award for his novel Crashers. Haynes has worked for 20 years in Oregon newspaper newsrooms, and is currently the Public Affairs Manager for Portland Community College. Under the name of Conrad Haynes he had three traditional mysteries published in the 1980’s. Crashers, published in June 2010, featured the world of the National Transportation Safety Board’s aviation disaster investigations.

Crashers by Dana HaynesThe 2011 award marks the 16th year of Spotted Owl winners. Previous winners are Kate Wilhelm, Kris (Nelscott) Rusch, and Lowen Clausen, who have each won the award twice. Other winners include Alan Bradley, Earl Emerson, John Straley, Tom Mitcheltree, L.L. Thrasher, Marcia Simpson, G.M. Ford, Kevin O’Brien, Mike Doogan and Phil Margolin.

Runners up for the 2011 Spotted Owl award are:

  1. Jon Talton for Deadline Man
  2. Robert Dugoni for Bodily Harm
  3. Mike Lawson for House Justice
  4. Patrick McManus for The Huckleberry Murders
  5. Bill Cameron for Day One
  6. Phillip Margolin for Supreme Justice
  7. Greg Rucka for The Last Run
  8. Steve Martini for The Rule of Nine
  9. Michael Gruber for The Good Son

Thanks to the members of the Spotted Owl Committee, Marlyne Stuckey,
Jeannette Voss, Carrie Richards, Pete Scott, and Sheila Sweet, who worked
so hard this year. The committee evaluated 61 books.

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2010 Spotted Owl Awards

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

The Spotted Owl Committee has selected The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley as the 2010 winner.

The runners up are:

  1. Mike Lawson for House Secrets
  2. Robert Dugoni for Wrongful Death
  3. Stan
    Jones for Village of the Ghost Bears
  4. Chelsea Cain for Evil at Heart
  5. Phillip Margolin for Fugitive
  6. Steve Martini for Guardian of Lies
  7. Aaron Elkins for Skull Duggery
  8. Dana Stabenow for Whisper to the
  9. Clyde Ford for Whiskey Gulf

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2009 Spotted Owl Awards

Executive Privilege by Phillip Margolin

The Spotted Owl Committee has selected Executive Privilege by Phillip Margolin as the 2009 winner.

The runners up are:

  1. Chasing Smoke by Bill Cameron
  2. House Rules by Mike Lawson
  3. Nameless Night by G.M. Ford
  4. Cold Plague by Daniel Kalla
  5. Skeleton Lake by Mike Doogan
  6. Shanghai Tunnel by Sharan Newman
  7. Frozen Sun by Stan Jones
  8. Fixation: A Thriller by Mark Schorr
  9. Tie Careless in Redby Elizabeth GeorgeTie Blue Smoke and Murder by Elizabeth Lowell

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2008 Spotted Owl Awards

A Wrongful Death by Kate Wilhelm

The Spotted Owl Committee has selected A Wrongful Death by Kate Wilhelm as the 2008 winner.

The runners up are:

  1. J.A. Jance for Justice Denied
  2. Mike Doogan for Capitol Offense
  3. Bill Cameron for Lost Dog
  4. Robert Dugoni for Damage Control
  5. Chelsea Cain for Heartsick
  6. Martin Limon for Wandering Ghost
  7. Daniel Kalla for Blood Lies
  8. Elizabeth Lowell for Innocent as Sin
  9. Dana Stabenow for A Deeper Sleep

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2007 Spotted Owl Awards

Kris Nelscott for “Days of Rage”

Mike Doogan for “Lost Angel” – First Mystery Novel award

The runners up are:

  1. G.M. Ford for Blown
  2. Tie – Aaron Elkins for Unnatural SelectionTie – Heather Sharfeddin for Mineral
  3. Michael Lawson for Second Perimeter
  4. Patrick McManus for The Blight Way
  5. Daniel Kalla for Rage Therapy
  6. J.A. Jance for Dead Wrong
  7. Robert Dugoni for The Jury Master
  8. Mark Schorr for Borderline
  9. Kenneth Lewis for Little Blue Whales

Spotted Owl Award Winners List:

  • 2011 Dana Haynes, Crashers
  • 2010 Alan Bradley, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
  • 2009 Phillip Margolin, Executive Privilege
  • 2008 Kate Wilhelm, A Wrongful Death
  • 2007 Kris Nelscott, Days of Rage
    2007 Mike Doogan, Lost Angel (First Mystery Novel Award)
  • 2006 Kevin O’Brien, The Last Victim
  • 2005 Kris Nelscott, Stone Cribs
  • 2004 Lowen Clausen, Second Watch
  • 2003 G. M. Ford, Black River
  • 2002 Kate Wilhelm, Desperate Measures
  • 2001 Marcia Simpson, Crow in Stolen Colors
  • 2000 Lowen Clausen, First Avenue
  • 1999 L. L. Thrasher, Charlie’s Bones
  • 1998 Tom Mitcheltree, Katie’s Will
  • 1997 John Straley, The Music of What Happens
  • 1996 Earl Emerson, The Vanishing Smile