Postponed: On February 22nd, join Bill Cameron, Dana Haynes, and April Henry for a day-long workshop on writing process, character development, and plot.

Due to inclement weather the weekend of February 8th, this event has been postponed. It will now take place on February 22, 2014 at Symposium Cafe, 12345 Southwest Main Street, Tigard, OR 97223.

Dana Haynes

This isn’t Rocket Surgery

Psst. Don’t let it get out, but writing is as much a craft as it is an art. With a few simple techniques, you can make your writing more productive and — equally important — more fun. If you ever get to a point that writing is a chore, like emptying the cat box, your novel is in trouble. These tricks will keep the process fresh and fun, give you momentum, and help you get to those all-important words, “The End.”

Bill Cameron 

Not Who They Think They Are:
Building Character Through Contradiction

At its core, character development is not about likeability, or relatability, or sympathy. It’s about empathy. As writers we must understand not only a character’s traits, interests, needs and desires, but what they value and how they see themselves — as well as how others see them. Internal conflict and contradiction is often foundational in who people are. This workshop will explore ways to build characters who may be fooling themselves, but are richer and more compelling as a result.

April Henry


Plot is much more than a sequence of events. It’s the engine that drives all stories — especially mysteries. But how can you come up with a good twisty plot that will turn your book into a page turner? Learn practical ways to create twists, cliffhangers, characters, conflict and more.

WW members – $95
Non-members – $131

You can register for this class by mailing a check to Willamette Writers, calling 503-305-6729 and registering over the phone, or by paying with a credit card.

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